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If you didn't know already i am notoriously bad at spelling so if its spelt wrong feel free to tell me and how to spell it properly please.

I have set up my own Adoptable group please join we need all the members we can get.

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love anything to do with mange, dragons and fursonas

DragonVale Stamp by Dinogaby Flight Rising Stamp by Tytoquetra Plague Flight Stamp by Tytoquetra

fav colours- purple and black

pretty much it :] Enjoy :P <--- my story prologue

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Ok, so I got this off TwistedTwilighter and I have to say, I've been wanting to do this for a while XP I'm glad I got the chance. I’ve also kept Twi’s question and created a second one that is my own, because omg that is a brilliant question that I have a really smart ass answer for XD

So I have the same warning as her, there will be things here that will tie in with our rp's, but it shouldn't be too bad X3 in any case I'm using Christie, Nik, and Kaci ^^ so enjoy the long ass read.

And I tag:


1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.


-A. How old are you?

Christie: I'm 26

Nik: wait, didn't you join a year ago? Shouldn't you only be 25

Christie: I joined about three days before my birthday, I'm allowed to be 26.

Nik: Oh. Well that's confusing. I'm still only four years younger than you though at 22.

Kaci: How about I trump the pair of you in confusion. Technically, I'm less than a year old because I died, but I look 20 and have the memories for thousands of years more than that.


Christie&Nik: Next question please.

-B. Do you want a hug?

Christie: I'm up for a hug, everyone loves hugs.

Nik: Not really Chris, I'll only take hugs off Saiph, you know that.

Kaci: that's only because you're awkward. I'll take a hug if it's going though I prefer Rovelaen's if they're being offered.

-C. Have any bad habits?

Christie: Kaci has the aweful habit of going missing, then coming back with some sort of injury.

Kaci: Hey, they isn't my fault

Christie: Which just makes it worse

Nik: I tend to over work, does that count?

Christie: Seriously? Am I the only one that hasn't got any ba habits?

Kaci: ... Yeah, I'm not going into that here.

-D. You a virgin?

Kaci: Nope

*awkward pause*

Kaci: What? I'm not!

Christie: I know, but you have at least some sense of humility here.

Kaci: *grins* Awr, but where's the fun in that?

Nik: To be fair, neither am I so...

Christie: Well, at least I still have something that's my own and I have to admit, Heilyn's reaction to Saiph's response to this question was priceless.

Kaci: and how would you know what he said?

Christie: Let's just say a little birdy told me.

Kaci: Alice needs to mind her own god damn business.

Christie: Oh don't be too hard on her, she was only doing as I asked.

Nik: Let's just move on before you two come to blows, shall we?

-E. Have any kids?

Christie&Nik: hell no

Kaci: Honestly, I can't have kids anyway, which I think is a godsend. Or at least, I can have human kids.

Christie: Wait... What?!

Kaci: what, you expected me to be Alpha for god knows how many years and not have any pups? Why do you think I was so pissed off when Huntress killed Snow?

Christie:...does Rov know about this?

Kaci: *shrugs* I don't know, maybe.

-F. Favorite food or drink?

Kaci: anything, I'm not fussy, just so long as it isn't chocolate. bad things happen when I eat chocolate.

Christie: Which is sad, cause my favourite food is chocolate.

Nik: I'm just a fussy bugger when it comes to food, I don't really have a favourite. So long as it isn't overly spicy I'm fine.

-G. Killed anyone?

Nik: No, thank god. I don't think I could.

Christie&Kaci: *look at each other, shrugging*

Kaci: yeah, not that I'm proud of it, but I'll protect those that matter to me.

Christie: Yeah, though I kept having nightmares for a while after.

Nik:*stunned silence*

Christie: Let's just move on before his brain starts working again

-H. Hate anyone?

Kaci: No one that's alive any more.

Nik: *raises eyebrow* can you still hate the dead?

Christie: Apparently so.

Nik: Makes me glad that Max taught us not to hate really. I just pity the people that think they can mess with us.

-I. Any secrets?

Christie: Again, I have Max to thank for my honesty, so no, I don't have any secrets.

Nik: Me either, it's wrong. I just don't always speak my mind straight away.

Kaci: heh, I do, and I much prefer they stay that way thanks.

-J. Love anyone?

Kaci: if I didn't love Rovelaen, I need to re-examine my life.

Nik: I think I'm the same with Saiph, as much of a stubborn pain in the rear as she came be.

Christie:*awkward pause* well, I don't have anyone, but I have a familie style love for everyone close to me, which includes Saiph, Rovelaen, and Heilyn.

-K. What is your job?

Christie: I'm an enchantress

Nik: I'm a very busy Healer's Assisstant, who ends to get back to work.

Kaci: oh stop being a sour puss, we did this to get you out for a while.

Christie: Says the guardian that very rarely does her job.

Kaci: You can shush, I'm better than I was when I first became your guardian.

Christie: Yeah okay, I'll give you that

-L. Favorite season?

Christie: Winter. I love wrapping up in fluffy coats and gloves and scarves *squees happily*

Kaci: To be fair, that's my favourite as well, only because I grow my amazingly luxurious winter coat in my wolf form and I become a cuddle butt.

Nik: I'm not far off. I prefer spring overall, but that's because it's warm, but not stifulingly hot like summer.

-M. Who's your best friend?

Christie: it's between Kaci and Saiph, hands down.

Kaci: Aww thanks Chrissy, you're my best friend as well, next to Rovelaen.

Nik: Wow, feeling the love here, but my best friend has to be Saiph, because i can't count on you two.

Christie: Let's move on before Kaci reacts.

-N. Hobbies?

Christie: Not really, unless you count practising my flower magic?

Kaci: Probably Chris. You always seem to be practising. My hobby is racing, mainly Rovelaen when we aren't protecting their asses from one trouble or another, which Is a full time job on it's own.

Nik: Wow, mine's really mundane in comparison, I like drawing. I'm planning on covering my one wall with drawings and sketches of people I meet here at the circus.

-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?

Christie: Go practice probably, I have a performance in a few days.

Kaci: Sleep. You woke me up too early for this.

Christie: Kaci, you were woke up at like 2 in the afternoon for this thing.

Kaci: like I said too early

Nik: I'll probably have to go back to sorting out the stores, cause my job is soooo entertaining.

Kaci: Do you think we might be pissing him off?

Christie: Maybe a little bit.

-P. What is your eye color?

Christie: Well, both me and Kaci are blue eyed, but mine's more of a turquoise blue.

Kaci: Yeah, and mines more ice blue, unless you piss me off, then they glow white.

Nik: Why do you two get all the cool things? I just have your average joe brown eyes, nothing special.

-Q. Are you good? Or bad?

Christie: Huh? Is this a serious question right now?

Nik: Aparently, though I would hesitate to say I'm either, because morally, I'm not perfect.

Kaci: Wow, golden child isn't perfect. Who would've known? I, on the other hand, am perfectly good. I don't do anything without a reason, and those I kill deserve it.

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?

Kaci: Sleep. I always seem to be tired.

Christie: My arm back would be cool. I mean, I can work with just one, I have done for years, but I miss being able to play piano.

Nik: Can I say a new sister and get away with it *gets smacked* maybe not.

-S. What is your greatest fear?

Kaci: Being alone for the rest of eternity. I don’t want to feel like that again.

Christie: I’m shocked, you got a sensible answer out of Kaci

Kaci: Hey all of my answers have been sensible. They got an answer didn’t they?

Christie: Point. I think my greatest fear would be to have my family turn on me. Without my family, I’d be nothing. Having them against me would be as good as killing me.

Nik: You realise you did that to yourself right? You could’ve saved yourself all of that trouble just be, like, not being a nosey cow.

Christie: Alright smarty pants, there’s no need to rub it in, just answer the damned question so we can move on.

Nik: Greatest fear? It would have to be being useless, of which I have been way too many times.

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?

Christie: Nope, I have a stupidly average name, but I like it so I don’t care.

Nik: Mine isn’t anything special either, though Max wanted something a little different, hence it being spelt without the ‘c’ like normal.

Kaci: Well, if being non-human wasn’t enough, I have a cool name as well. Kaci is an old indian american term for a wolf spirit, though not the type of Spirit I am… Unless…

Christie: Let’s just move on before her brain implodes from thinking too hard.

-U. Any siblings?

Christie: Kinda. I consider Nik my brother for the pure fact we grew up together. He was an awesome little brother though.

Nik: That was until you ran away…

Christie: Again with the rubbing it in?

Kaci: Before those two start butting heads, no I don’t have any siblings. I don’t think it’s possible.

-V. Where do you live?

Kaci: Are you blind? Isn’t it obvious we all live in the Cirque des Montres?

-W. Do you find yourself attractive?

Christie: Considering I’m the only one out of these two that doesn’t have an other half, I’m going with no.

Nik: To be fair, I don’t see myself as anything other than normal anyway, even with Saiph, so I wouldn’t put yourself down too much.

Kaci: You two need a shot of confidence. Even if I wasn’t with Rovelaen I wasn’t shy about my looks, though he’s brought it out of me more.

-X. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?

Kaci: How long do you have? And is your pad big enough, cause I have a lot of incredibly stupid things I’ve done over my countless years.

Christie: Well done Kay, just freak the poor person out. I think my stupidest thing had been when I read Nik and Saiph’s minds without their consent just to prove a point to myself. that was pretty dumb

Nik: Dumb is an understatement there Chris, but I think my stupidest thing was biting into my own arm to save Christi and Saiph from Acaius. I happily passed out from blood loss from that.

Christie: That wasn’t stupid, that was sweet, what are you on about? If it wasn’t for you, I would’ve had more than a few scratches on my chest.

-Y (Twi’s Question): If you could meet your creator in the flesh, what would you say to them?

Kaci: Do I have to say anything? I have a couple of things I want to do to her for all the crap she’s put me through.

Christie: I’d just want to figure out what part of her mind these guys come from? I mean, she created Hunter, Huntress, Elijah, Jack… She has to have things wrong with her

Nik: I don’t know, I’d probably be the one holding Kaci back to she doesn’t do anything that could get us wiped from existence.

-Y2 (My question) If it was just you and your lover left on the earth, what would you do?

Christie:...... Well I’d be alone then wouldn’t I? So, I’d probably find a way of killing myself to just wipe out the end of humanity.

Kaci: *giggles evilly*

Christie: don’t even go there Kaci.

Kaci: awr, but come off it, we’d be completely alone for the rest of our existence. No one bugging us, no need to worry about being walked in on, no one to look after except for each other. *sighs happily* I’d be in heaven on earth and no one would be able to ruin it.

Nik: She makes a fair point, though I think if it were just me and Saiph, we’d get bored after a bit.

Christie: *raises eyebrow*

Nik: *turns pink* I meant of being on our own, not of… god Christie what the hell?!

-Z. Any last words?

Christie: Only that I think I know way too much about my Guardian right now, stuff I did not need to know.

Kaci: Give it up Chris, you were going to learn some of these things eventually, what’s the harm in knowing them now.

Nik: Is this over then? Can I go back to work now? *flees*


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