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If you didn't know already i am notoriously bad at spelling so if its spelt wrong feel free to tell me and how to spell it properly please.

I have set up my own Adoptable group please join we need all the members we can get.

:iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly: :iconpointcommissionsopen: :icontradesask: :iconcollabsask:

love anything to do with mange, dragons and fursonas

DragonVale Stamp by Dinogaby Flight Rising Stamp by Cohayden Plague Flight Stamp by Cohayden

fav colours- purple and black

pretty much it :] Enjoy :P <--- my story prologue

My birthday badge

Which Pandora Hearts Character Are You?
Which Pandora Hearts Character Are You?
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Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Emo/Rock/country
MP3 player of choice: Ipod Nano
Personal Quote: Grr... you just got 'Grr'ed
Yeah, it's been alost two years since I was last tagged, so I have :icontwistedtwilighter: to thank for this XD Though I don't really mind all that much, It'll be something fun to do X3

1. Each person has to share 10 things about themselves. 
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions for the people YOU tagged and they will answer them. 
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal. 
4. It's not like "you get tagged if you read this!" and the victims you choose don't have to do this if they don't want to. 
5. You have to choose 10 people. (lol nope, I don't know enough people to do that)
6. And there's no tag backs!

About Me:
Well, here you go, some stuff that hopefully isn't on my profile thing.
1) I learnt I share a similar thing with my tagger here, I also have a younger brother (16 yo) who is stupidly taller then I am, with boat sized feet. He isn't quite 6', but he ain't far off compared to my 5'4" stature. 
2) I have a total of 17 ABRSM grades in music, grades 1-7 on the flute, 2-5 on the clarinet, grade 2 on the alto Saxophone and grades 1-5 in music theory. I can play another 6 instruments on top of these, but these are he three I play the most and have grades in.
3) I will admit this, I am a massive Twi-hard, and I'm not ashamed of it. I absolutely love the books, though the movies leave something to be desired. (Don't hate on me, it's just my preference of reading material).
4) I'm sightly addicted to RPing with a certain Twisted person X3 if I'm not tormenting my poor characters with her, I'm thinking about what we could be doing >3< It's fun.... most of the time when we're not murdering each other with feels.
5) I'm about to start my second year of my two year music course at college (for those americans that could be reading this, English education system; technically, I'm still in school)
6) I have tumblr, so if I'm not spamming the refresh button waiting for a reply from Twi to be in my inbox, I'm scrolling through my dash being a total nerd.
7) I wear a white gold ring on my right hand and at any one time I can have up to three bracelets on my left wrist, each one made by me.
8) I'm a furry, my 'sona being a winged wolf that's grey and white, the grey looking like a husky's markings with feathered wings that start grey and fade to white at the tips. I'm tiny, barely standing to an average person's knee and I am nicknamed 'the super floof' because of how fluffy I am (well, self imposed nickname, cause hell I don't now anyone who would even think of calling me that ;v; )
9) I love reading fantasy. In one RP I had with Twi, my character Christie had my dream library, literally a room full of fantasy books for across the years and for thousands of different authors >3< I want a house big enough for that a some point in my life.
10) I dress in literally nothing but jeans and t-shirts, but My taste in music is so weird. I listen to Country, Rock, Pop (depending on the artist, so very rarely), Instrumental (mainly Two Steps From Hell, which I blame Twi for 100%)

TwistedTwilighter's questions
1. What is your favorite animal and what made you start to love them? Before I met Twi, my answer would've been dogs after we dog sat for my dad's work mate, but at the moment, I've been obsessed with peacocks, partly her fault with Rovelaen (her OC) partly because it reminded me of a time when I went to a wildlife park and got their temperamental male peacock to eat out of my hand.
2. If you could be fluent in any language (besides your native tongue), which one would you choose? Uh, I'd probably choose..... I don't now, I'm torn between Arabic and German ^^;
3. If you have an OC, which one is your favorite and why? No, not a fair question. I have a few OC's, my main four being Christie, Nik and Kaci from :iconcirque-des-monstres: and Sehalia from :iconsouls-of-chaos:. I can't choose just one, because I think all of them are amazing (even Max who isn't an official CdM character but she's still lovable). Christie has this funk about her, that means she's really playful, yet open and caring, so she's really easy to talk to. Kaci is like almost the polar opposite, she's quick to judge and she's super protective over her 'family' (Mainly Rovelaen [Twi's chara] because poor wolf kinda fell in love with the bird), Then there's Nik who's super polite and calls everyone mister/sir/ma'am/miss hen he diesn't get to know them, only dropping it if he's stressed or feels like he can trust you. Then we have Sehalia who's another barrel f fish all together. She short, spunky, defensive, healer who wouldn't think twice about clipping you around the back of he head with her wing if you bad mouthed her even though she's like 4' tall X3 
4. What are a few of your biggest pet peeves? Never thought of it, but most probably judgemental people.
5. What is your favorite movie of all time? holly craaaaaap i dunno >< either Epic or Rise of the Guardians
6. Do you collect a certain type of thing, such as game cards, sea shells, stamps, etc? I collect Magic the Gathering cards, if that count, which it probably does because eheh they're game cards *nerds in the corner
7. What is your dream job and why? Dream job is the one I'm working towards which is being a music teacher, both private musc instrumental lessons and Secondary music lessons.
8. Do I seem like a good person?  Well, it depends on who I have to comapre you to XD Normally, yeah, unless you have some dangass plot for our characer or aRE BEING A PAIN WITH  CERTAIN NAME!!
9. Have you ever been in a car accident? If so, would you share what happened? I haven't personally, but my dad was in a motorbike accident a few years ago (well, 9 but yeah) 
10. What are your current obsessions as of the moment you're reading this? (Can be anything) pff, RP. Definitely RP because it's due to little miss you-know-who-you-are that it took me a good 7 hours to write this thing. Skillet seems to be my musical obsession at the moment as well.

My questions:
1) Favourite mythical creature and why?
2) Who would you consider you best internet friend? (no this won't be me, cause I'm the bitch tagging you to do this crap)
3) Best anime/manga you've ever seen/read?
4) If you could change one thing about you, what would it be?
5) Name a character (doesn't have to be yours) and give me four reason why you like said character.
6) What's your favourite style of music and corresponding artist?
7) Best squee moment (anyone skimps and I'm gunna go apeshit on their ass >3> I ant every juicy detail)
8) Favourite picture (drawing, photograph or rendering as a link would be appreciated) and why?
9) Do you have a habit you wish you didn't have? Think you could share it? (you don' have to, a yes or no would do here)
10) If you had a world travel pass that let you go anywhere in the world or the rest f your life, where would be the first place you would want to go? and why?

:iconmyth-dragon: | :iconweatherdragon: | :icondaisylasy3: | :iconsouldragonwithflow: | :iconfireballstardraco: | :iconshiva-diavilla:

If you want, have fun X3 It'll be nice to know some things about you if you want to do this.

If I haven't tagged you, but you want to answer the questions, feel free to inn the comments ^^ that would be nice to see


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points from commissions or as gifts. I hope to get myself a premium membership and this is how many points i need. Ever point is welcomed.

visit my journal for full points and

i also do collabs and art trades just note me and i'm sure we can work some thing out :D

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